About Me

I am a professional comic book artist living in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, with my husband, Ray Dillon,  two sons, Tycen and Drake, and two cats.

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and grew up in Northern California and Oregon. I always knew I wanted to a be a comic book artist, and spent WAY too much of my childhood making my own comics instead of playing outside.

 Now I am a published professional, and work on most of my projects with my husband, who inks and colors my stuff.. My latest project is the creator-owned comics adaptation of the novel "Peter and Wendy", as well as a story in Fables: Fairest in the Land by Vertigo, and some other big things that will be upcoming so stay tuned! ;)


Tim Gillis said...


I'd like to interview you and Ray for a story in our June issue.

Could you let me know a good day/time to chat?

Tim Gillis, writer
Dispatch magazine

Unknown said...

I simply Appreciate your artwork (The story AND your illustrations of Wonder Woman make that specific Volume the Only one I own thus far!) Keep up the great work, I'm such a fan of Your Artistic style & wish you the very best in All your endeavors.