Tuesday, April 3, 2007

She Hulk

Thought I should post some art, so here's my most recent piece I've worked on for fun. It's a younger She-Hulk, but I think it looks okay.

She's done on Bristol with Copics. She's on Sale, but I believe it's ending soon.

Nothing new too much lately. Working on the DC Universe: Legacy cards, as well as a couple comics projects. I'll hopefully have more to post about those soon.

Also getting geared up for Easter! Yay! Mini Eggs, Cadbury, and jelly beans for me! -- er-- I mean my son ;)

Have a great day everyone!



Johnathan Floyd said...

cool Pic. I love the gesture and attitude of the whole composition.

Dr. EverythingGoneBeAlright said...

i'm having a hard time looking at this picture because i've heard that as a result of her gamma powers, she has an amped up sex drive. feeling like robert kelly over here...

good pic, though

Mark said...

She has and rude appearance but sexy at the same time, an stupendous blend that personages need actually. I would like to be a figure of action to buy viagra online and have an unforgettable night alone with her.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why my friend Valtrex Kinozov always told me She-Hulk rocked his world. But, it's obvious she is so sexy, don't you think??

Grace McCall said...

Just came across this. great image. I'm loving artists who can make a suoerhero chick appeal to women and men. I'm so over these superhero chicks whose head could be placed on any other character and it wouldnt make a difference. She hulk is a strong muscly girl with a kick-ass attitude and bit of vulnerability thrown in. Your image hits that and I'd love to read about her rockin' the suburbs as a teen.
Nice work and glad I stumbled on your site. Annerliegh