Monday, July 9, 2007

Heroes Convention: Charlotte: NC

Alright, I know I'm terribly late on this. I am really bad at trying to keep up with Blogs. I'm sorry! :D
Ray and I recently went to the Heroes Con in Charlotte late month. It was my first time having my own table ( both times before I shared with Ray), and it was definitely a bigger convention, so I was INCREDIBLY nervous. There were so many big named artists around, I really didn't think people would want to talk to me.
But boy was I surprised!!

I really can't say enough good things about this con, but I'll try.

The hotel we were in, the Westin, was pretty much amazing, as well as being only a walk away from the con. Charlotte is a beautiful city.

We were a bit late getting there the first day, and were shocked at how many people were in line to get in! But we quickly got our badges and went in to our table. We immediately started to meet awesome people. Ray and I both talked to people nonstop the whole weekend, as well as being swamped with too much work. This being my first con where I was super busy, I didn't handle my commissions well and ended up making a lot of people wait ( I'm sorry guys!) but I've learned my lesson and hopefully next time I'll do better.

My favorite part of the con were the kids, they were just awesome. A lot of them came up to chat with me, and even showed me their art! It was just cool seeing budding artists.

My sister, Kimberly made the trek over from Raleigh to see me too! It was really great seeing her again. Happy 21st Birthday, too Kimbo!!!

Other than that, we spent our time hanging out with some amazing new artist pals. We already knew the awesome Ryan Stegman, and he introduced us to Chris De Bari, who is not only an amazing artist, but just about the coolest dude ever. He also loves Silent Hill as much as Ray and I. How can you get better than that??

(left to right: Chris, Kevin, me, and Derek)

There was also the amazing Kevin Mellon. He was sitting next to us at the con, and was oddly also from Kansas. We had a great time hanging with him. Ray and him loved each other.

Here they are bonding.

Oh, and here's some Con sketches

Okay, I'll stop yabbering now. Just wanted to say how awesome and friendly Heroes Con is, and I recommend it to anyone!

Have a wonderful day everyone! :D


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