Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heroes Con and Wizard World Chicago

Just got back from two weeks of cons! I've never done more than one at a time, so I'm pretty pooped now.

Heroes Con in Charlotte was as great as ever, we got to sit next to some great artists, and I got to see the kids again from last year who I think are just incredible and I love watching their art skills grow. If Chase and Olivia are reading this ( and a certain special family, you know who you are!) I think you are amazing and I hope you keep drawing! Can't wait to see you next year!

As for Wizard World, Ray and I decided to go at the last minute, thanks to Kevin Mellon and Dennis Hopeless who let us hitch a ride with them North-ish to Chicago.

The Con itself was pre-tty awesome, I had no idea it was so big... sort of a mini-San Diego. Again I was sketching like a madwoman and couldn't get up from my table for a minute, but I'm not complaining, it was a blast. I met some great people. The first thing I drew was a Poison Ivy requested from a nice guy to give to his girlfriend as a present. She loves daisies so I tried to draw her wrapped up in a 'daisy tree'... he later sent me a picture of his girlfriend with it, which I thought was really nice of him!

Hope you both liked it!

I also got to be a part of the Women in Comics Panel. I didn't say much as I don't really know as much about the industry nowadays as the other ladies did, but I really did enjoy listening to their answers and meeting them later. I was really happy to meet Jann Jones, who is really genuinely happy and having fun working in comics. Sometimes I run into people who treat comics like it's as serious as a plague and never have fun. Comics should be fun people!

As fun as it all was though... my favorite part was eating the free breakfast at the Embassy Suites :D What can I say? I love food...and FREE food is even better!

And of course hanging out with Kevin and Dennis was as wonderful as always. Here's a pic of them being super annoyed by Ray in the back and trying to figure out how to push him out of the car :D


And here's a quick sketch I did of their character Shelby from Gear Head.... she's such a cool character.

Well, getting geared up for San Diego now, sorry for the rant but it's late and I don't wanna go to bed yet.



Dion Hamill said...

Hi Renae, recenlty found your blog through a link on another blog but just had to comment regarding your statement about the ladies in comics panel when you said "Comics should be fun people!" and then I saw the photo and cracked up laughing. You're so right, how can comics not be fun when you've got a guy in a spiderman costume watching people talking on a panel, classic! Fantastic work by the way, inspires me to put some more energy in my work. Keep creating!!!

Mark said...

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