Monday, July 14, 2008

Video - Drawing a Comic Book Page

Hi! I decided to try out videoing myself pencilling a comic page. I started with a simpler layout page to see how it'd go. This is for PONOLOA, the awesome hawaiian fantasy book I've been working on with writer Stephen Smirl and inker/colorist Ray Dillon for probably a few years now, lol! I really enjoy drawing these pages, you can see previous ones HERE Also check out some fantastic artwork from others on the same site :) Let me know what you think!

On this page our hero is being transported from modern Hawaii to the magical world of Ponoloa via enchanted tree, and greeted by Kinipela.

Thanks for looking and I hope you like it :)



Grant Gould said...

Love it!! That was awesome to watch :)

Scott Zirkel said...

I may be a bit late, but that's really rad.