Friday, November 9, 2012

Tinker Bell: Colored

It's been awhile! Been super busy working on my various projects, trying to keep my head above the water. Peter Pan is flying right along and we should be ready to launch on Kickstarter before Thanksgiving!! :)  I cannot show all the artwork we're making (will be in the video though!) but here's a pic of Tinker Bell in all her fully finished glory (pencils: Me - inks/colors: Ray Dillon)

(click image to view larger)

We all know Tinker Bell well from the Disney version, but she's actually quite a bit more devilish in the novel. My version she'll be clothed in a variety of styles (as she's a bit on the vain side, she would probably change up her look) all of which are made of Skeleton Leaf, which is more true to the novel.

I'll have a lot lot more coming very quickly as we get amped up to launch the Peter Pan: Graphic Novel on Kickstarter. It would mean A LOT to me if you would follow this project on twitter @PeterPanComic . During the campaign I'll be giving away Peter Pan sketches and whatnot to followers and random backers of the project ;) So hope to see you all on there!

I'd also like to mention the news that IDW Publishing (who Ray and I have previously worked with on with The Last Unicorn, Servant of the Bones, and Womanthology) has agreed to publish Peter Pan!!  We are very happy about this. Not only do we enjoy working with everyone there, but we also really are impressed with their quality of books. We are, however, still following through with the Kickstarter for various reasons, including being able to work on our own schedule ( a MUST when you're a comic artist/mom combo) and make the Peter Pan series exactly how I invision it. I'll yap more about this whole thing as things develop, but needless to say I'm very excited about this entire thing :)

Finally I'd like to draw some attention to a wonderful friend who has really helped us get this campaign of the ground. Check out Peter Mellini's comic shop at pretty please!

I'll be back soon with more news and art! :) Hope everyone is wonderful!!


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