Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peter Pan: Mrs. Darling's Dream

Another finished page for Peter Pan. This is the dream Mrs. Darling has right before her confrontation with Peter.

Written by: J.M Barrie

Adaptation/Pencils: Me

Inks/Colors/Letter: Ray Dillon

(click image to see it larger)

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Jessica Deering said...

Seeing part of the story from Mrs. Darling's point of view makes it a great deal darker, but I like it!

Renae De Liz said...

Thanks Jessica!! :D Yeah there's quite a few sad, and almost downright depressing moments in the original books, especially as the entire concept of Peter Pan surrounds J.M. Barries personal pain surrounding feelings of his own mother. It's quite raw when it comes to Peter's abandonment especially, but there's the usually happy stuff too. It's going to be so fun to draw it all! :)

Renae De Liz said...

Sorry for the typos!