Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peter Pan: Volume 1 - Neverland Vision

(Click image to see it larger)

For those that have messaged about purchasing a copy, as of right now it was only available through the Kickstarter, but there may be some copies left over from the print run. Sign up HERE to be notified, and thank you! :)

Writer: J.M. Barrie
Adaptation/Pencils: Me
Inks/Colors/Letters: Ray Dillon


M.F. Webb said...

I am following your project with huge interest because I am working on a novel about Captain Hook, following Barrie's vision as closely as I can. I didn't realize your book was going to be primarily available only to Kickstarter supporters--I am one, for which I am now especially grateful--but I have to admit I'm sorry more people won't get to see your beautiful work illustrating a book too few people have read for themselves.

I'm blogging at if you're interested in little bits of research weirdness, but mostly I mention this because I'm working on a post about Hook at Eton. Am I correct that you too are familiar with this speech? (I would love to know that there are two of us with this background on Jas.) And would you mind if I mention you and your Peter and Wendy in my post?


Renae De Liz said...

Hello Mila! :D Thank you so much for becoming a backer of the Kickstarter! I am hoping to take the book further once I am finished with the Kickstarter responsibilities (they come first!) but after that if it may be further published ( though KS backers will have a unique product) in hopes to give some profits to the GOSH hospital and to further gain attention to JM Barries amazing original work. But first things first; getting it done! :D

And of course you can mention the project in your article :) I am very familiar with the speech, and it's planned to become a large part of Volume 2 as well as Hooks overall demeanor/look in the series. I really look forward to reading your article about it. The speech just adds a whole new dimension to what we already love about Hook. :)

Thank you so much for commenting!! :D

Unknown said...

Hi, are there any plans to publish more copies?