Thursday, June 5, 2008

Marvel Masterpieces '07 Proofs! And sketch video!

Hey! Just wanted to post some of my proofs from the '07 Upperdeck set. I recieved 10, so here's 8 that were commissioned so far, the other 2 coming soon!

Oh yeah, and here's the video for the Psylocke sketch ;)

I'll also have new sketch videos up soon :) Let me know if you like them or not!


houseofduck said...

I loved the Psylocke video and look forward to seeing more! I always enjoy watching to see how professional artist do the work!

Brent Engstrom said...

I watched the full video. I like how the music matches the video at the very end. Post more videos!

jam-wah said...

To begin with, I was struggling to see what was going on (must be hard to get a focus on such a small subject), but from the inks onwards I was enthralled.

Gotta say, I would have considered the pic finished so much earlier in the process, but that just shows how much more you know about how to make a pic look fantastic.

Yes. Post more vids.