Thursday, February 16, 2012

MY Womanthology Story!

Hey everyone! :)

I wasn't actually planning to make a story for the Womanthology book even though I am the Project Manager because of the tight space, I didn't want to push any other ladies out in favor of my story. But after all the work for the book was done, there was a numbering error that left just enough space for this.

I've been mulling this idea over for a couple years, and am thinking about going for a full length comic. It's a story about a slightly overweight teen who finds herself with super powers, even though the world's heroes are all over developed, super model muscle faces. She struggles with the confidence to put herself out there to the hero-ing world as one of them, as well as trying to think of a suitable super-name.

In further stories I plan to develop her as the catalyst that brings forth all kinds of unlikely heroes, as well as her various problems as a teen girl that battles her super power nature (such as cramps? What would that do to her super powers? Having to rescue the most horrible girl at school? Or trying to figure out her Super Logo? You'd be surprised how difficult it all is!) Anyone interested in seeing more?

The wonderful Nei Ruffino colored it up for me :) Of which I will have the colors up soon for you all to see. And you should all stop by to check out Nei's amazing coloring and artwork sometime!


Rio's Lair of Wonders said...

Amazing work and I love the blog :-)

Rio's Lair of Wonders said...

And yes! I'm very interested in seeing more of this story and art :-)

Eliezer Fran├ža Aido said...

I loved the art. And the story seems to be very interesting... beautiful job!

Kranthi Kumar said...

lovley art work ,wanna see further story

Unknown said...

I was down in Seattle for the Sakura Con a few weeks ago. On the last day there I dropped by the book store, Womanthology was the first book that I picked up and This comic strip was one of the first that I read and fell in love with. I immediately wanted to share it with my friends!

I absolutely love your artwork and the whole storyline. I think what really attracts people is how relatable your character is. And the little details! and the almost satirical dialogue!

Please please please do continue with this story!

Kath McDonald said...

Yes Please!!!!