Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pictures of the Womanthology Book!

Here are pictures & video of the Advance Copy of Womanthology!

(Apologies for the poor quality of video & audio!)

This book sure is hefty...

.....And great for Husband "taming"!

...Wait you didn't see that last one :p


Chad Hardin said...

Proud of you Nea!

Rio's Lair of Wonders said...

That last pic sealed the deal! LOL!!
where can I get this book!?? Just point the way :-)

Aimee Hudson said...

husband taming lol awesome. Can't wait for my copy to come! :)

Andrew Shirley said...

Love it hehe.

When is this going to be coming out, just looked on Amazon and there is no details on there yet??

Come and get your print fix baby said...

I've seen the project on Kickstarter and missed the funding oportunity...I'll definitely buy it when it comes out, will it be available on the internet?
By the way sharp drawing skills ;)