Friday, March 9, 2012

My Wonder Woman Drawing; COLORED

Hey Everyone! :)

Here is my Wonder Woman drawing, inked and colored by my handsomelicious husband and comics partner, RAY DILLON ! :)

This just makes me want to do DC work even more... at least a cover or two!


Geoff Thorne said...

you're awesome.

Film Samurai said...

Absolutely beautiful Renae

Michelle said...

Your drawings are beautiful! The angle on this one is great - she towers over the reader! :)

CCG Coordinator said...

Nice work! I like the vulnerability you inject into what is often a character that is hard to relate to.

Stronghead said...

Nice coloring! But I'm sorry to remind you that superheroes don't exist. Only we have the power to protect human rights. Discover Amnesty International's full campaign ---