Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peter Pan Art Giveaway

Just for fun, and for celebration of hitting the 50% funding mark ON THE PETER PAN KICKSTARTER, I would like to have a little art giveaway to show my thanks. All you have to do to enter is A) be a backer of this project; and B) comment in the first update on the Kickstarter page, and tell me who your favorite character in Peter Pan is and why! I will then randomly choose one of you as the winner! Contest will run through tomorrow and I will pick the winner on Thursday, November 29th.
Here is the piece of art up to win:
PETER IN KENSINGTON GARDENS (marker artwork) Click here to see bigger
Did you know Peter had a goat? He did. Before Neverland, he would ride and explore Kensington Gardens in the night, searching for young children who were accidentally left behind at lock-out time. He would take them to a safe house built by fairies, where they would be safe from the cold, as well from the bad fairies who roam the Gardens in the dark.
Sometimes, however, he was too late to save them. In those cases Peter would construct sweet little gravestones, and carve simple inscriptions. 
Thanks everyone! :)


Craig Phillips said...

The Peter Pan work is looking so exciting! Loving it.

Owen Marshall said...

I just wanted to say that I love your work! I picked up The Last Unicorn when it came out and have purchased copies of the collection for friends and relatives. I even got it signed by Peter S. Beagle. We chatted over how beautiful your work is!

Anyway, I just became a backer of Peter Pan. I really hope that it will be successful! Please continue creating.