Saturday, November 24, 2012

Neverland Image

Hello all! :)

Well, we're about 4 days into the Kickstarter campaign and about to cross the 38% funded mark at $18,000! :) Needless to say I'm incredibly happy and beyond thankful for the support everyone has shown so far.  I have some neato things planned for the campaign, and once this Holiday Weekend is over, I'll be certain to post about them.

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(My interpretation of Neverland: There is a Neverland for each child, whose mind and fantasies dictates what the island contains. Then there is THE Neverland. The one that is at the center and connects all other islands. This is the one Peter Pan rules.)

For anyone who desires to help the campaign succeed, any tweets, posts, or even interviews would highly be appreciated. :) I cannot thank you enough for those who do this, because getting the word out is the life-blood of any Kickstarter Campaign and dictates whether they succeed or fail!

Thanks again everyone!!! :) 


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Forever said...

GOOOORGEOUS! There is no doubt in my mind that you will fly past the funding goal! :)