Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I am so excited.... and stressed!!! :D

Watch the video for LOTS of new artwork, and see more information HERE

Also here is a 2 page preview from the graphic novel (unlettered). This section is from The Little White Bird (prequel to Peter and Wendy)

(click image to see larger)

This campaign is so much different than it was with Womanthology, and personally much more is at stake. My (and Ray's) life right now is primarily freelance consisting of many little projects and playing catch-up with commissions. It's an unsteady existence and some months we are unsure if we'll have enough money to keep up basic living costs. After I almost passed way this last June due to Sepsis, things got even more difficult. I couldn't work for a few months, then once I was able to, I've felt like all I've done is play catch-up, and not moved forward like our family needs to.

This campaign becoming successful would mean that we can be SURE we'll be okay for 5 months, and we can count on that security, even for a little bit. Less stress,  which is what I need for my health, and above all, TIME. Time to not only get past any catch-up left, but I get to take time and care creating a story I'm entirely passionate about, and really make it really special.

So keep your fingers crossed for us! And if you feel feel like helping, any retweets and posts would be the very best thing you can do!

Thanks everyone!! :) More updates and art to come!


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